Finalist: 2014 Wishing Shelf Book Awards, Teenager Category

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A young adult fantasy-romance-drama series full of the kind of zombie-filled action that will keep you turning pages and up late at night. Perfect for middle schoolers, young adults and adults who love magic, magicians, wizards, swords and sorcery. The book is full of drama and comedy, and is the prelude to an intense romantic drama in the following books of the series.

Bel, a graduate from the Academy of Arts and Magic, takes the final vow of celibacy, sacrificing his love for Shireen, in order to be an apprentice. After that traumatic experience, Bel attempts to start his new life as an apprentice under a salty, old, wise-cracking wizard name Nes'egrinon.

Immediately they are thrust into an adventure when a tear in reality rips open allowing the dead to spill out of the underworld. Bel and his master must journey under the shadow of darkness to try to discover how the fabric of reality has been rent, tearing open a gateway to the underworld and allowing the zombie horde to walk among the living. Can a teenager learning the ways of magic and an ancient archmage long past his prime stop the darkness, close the breach and save all reality?

When dead, zombie-like creatures start stalking the living, Bel and his master Nes'egrinon are faced with a twofold problem: how do you protect the living by finding the access path the dead currently have, and how do you do find...well...anything when faced with an eternal darkness? With daylight no longer breaking through, Bel and his crabby master are forced along a dark, treacherous journey that tests the limits of their magic.

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Editorial Reviews:

Laced with signature Cardona humor … hard choices to be made… and a few handy life's lessons … at the sharp end of the bloodthirsty undead hordes' teeth, which certainly keeps his motivation and the overall pace of the book at a rollicking clip. …A most worthwhile read.
Marc Secchia, author of The Pygmy Dragon and the Shapeshifter Dragons series

A different take on magic, complete with valuable life lessons, Christian principles, and a good dose of humor! A thoroughly entertaining read sure to please middle graders!
Kirsten Jany - author of Enter to Win

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