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The next chapter in this award winning, exciting, young-adult, fantasy romance drama series!

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Join Bel and Shireen as they travel to the trials of the Worthy Apprentice. Everyone thinks they are there with the sole purpose of passing the trials, one small step closer to becoming a wizard. Little do the others know that Bel and Shireen are there to uncover an avian plot all the while disguising their forbidden love.

All Bel’s and Shireen’s intentions start to unravel when they discover love between wizard-kind is allowed among the creature-kind; young beautiful Leonna, whose sorcery enables her to control birds, is attracted to Bel; and Felix, a gorgeous and powerful feline apprentice, wants to take Shireen back with him to the land of the big cats to be his bride.

But all their thoughts of romance are burst asunder when several apprentices are injured during the trials, missing in the forest, or murdered, creating a tense murder-mystery where no one can leave and everyone is a suspect. What have these two got themselves into?

Will Bel and Shireen's love be discovered, getting themselves excommunicated from the order?

Should Bel forgo Shireen, who he truly loves and cannot have, for Leonna, who he can have but does not love? Should Shireen do the same with Felix?

Can these two put their uncertainties about each other aside long enough to solve the crime and stop the murderer?

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Grab hold of the book that readers describe as "one of those series you can't get enough of." Jump into this new magical world full of drama, romance, action and adventure.

Bel and Shireen are apprentices of two of the most powerful and respected forest wizards throughout the lands, but now they are on their own and as each trial progresses it becomes increasingly dangerous. Soon after the trials begin, one of the leaders is murdered. Bel and Shireen find that many are suspects, including themselves. There are plots and counter-plots and no one can be trusted. The mysteries surrounding the murders has left everyone skittish, paranoid and insecure.

Who's killing apprentices and why? Is it for love, jealousy and revenge as the leaders claim? Or is it to cover up a creature-kind plot? And whose side are Leonna and Felix on? Are they behind the plot, in on it, or innocent? Can Bel and Shireen discover the truth in time?

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