In addition to writing books, I have a couple of other esoteric, creative-type hobbies. One such being pinball and arcade machines. I love to play pinball. Something about the kinetic, real-world physics aspect of slapping a ball and hitting targets, some unexpectedly, that I find satisfying. Arcade machines are cool too, but more for a nostalgia reason. Since I am a creative, I couldn't stop at just playing. I tinker too.

Arkanoid is a 1980's breakout style arcade video game where an arrangement of bricks at the top must be hit with a little ball using a paddle that is controlled by the player using a spinner wheel. The modifications I made involved rewriting the code to create different screens.

I did this work sometime around 2001 and actually just found it on my hard drive when I was going through and cleaning up.

If you notice, several of the screens have the names ISSA or JOE on them. They are the names of two of my sons who were 5 and 7 years old, respectively, back in 2001. I gave them the opportunity to design the screens then I altered the computer code to match the drawings they made. I recall it being really cool burning the chips, installing them on the board, and watching the kids' faces light up when they saw their names on the game screen.

Here are images of the original screens and my new screens.

Original 1 Mine 1 Original 2 Mine 2
Original 3 Mine 3 Original 4 Mine 4
Original 5 Mine 5 Original 6 Mine 6
Original 7 Mine 7 Original 8 Mine 8
Original 9 Original 10
Original 11 Mine 11 Original 12 Mine 12
Original 13 Mine 13 Original 14 Mine 14
Original 15 Mine 15 Original 16 Mine 16
Original 17 Mine 17 Original 18 Mine 18
Original 19 Mine 19 Original 20 Mine 20
Original 21 Mine 21 Original 22 Mine 22
Original 23 Mine 23 Original 24 Mine 24
Original 25 Mine 25 Original 26 Mine 26
Original 27 Mine 27 Original 28 Mine 28
Original 29 Mine 29 Original 30 Mine 30