• Dragon Hunters
  • Newe Release: 2016


    It powers the seers' visions...

    It heals wounds on contact...

    It is more valuable than gold...

    It can be found only in one place...

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    It powers the prophets' visions. It heals wounds on contact. It is more valuable than gold. And it can be only found in one place, the back of the head of a fierce, flying, dinosaur-like creature, found only on a lonely, craggy planet in a desolate solar system, a creature many throughout the galaxy have come to worship, a creature called a dragon by those that fear it, lizard but those that hunt it, a sacred, holy, ominous, and terrible dragon.

    Captain doesn't know Ryze has been keeping a deadly secret from him, a secret that will probably get them both killed, a secret that may just prevent them from capturing the dragon and extracting the creature's gland, a secret that may very well prevent them from returning to Luna, bringing the precious Gland to Captain's daughter, Clara. And Gland is the only thing that can heal her.

    Ryze wants to do the right thing. He wants to see Clara out of that hospital bed, hair grown back, running through the virtual fields with the other kids. But Ryze has a problem. Dragons are holy, see? How could he bring himself to kill one of the Holy Ones?

    The Prophet revealed what she saw to Ryze. She saw it as clear as the nose on Ryze's face. He was chosen, him, among all of the others; one day, he would stand before a Holy One. What path will he choose? Does dragon's Gland truly lead to paradise?

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    Editorial Reviews:

    Mr. Cardona has shown us once again that he is indeed the seasoned master of young adult/teenage fiction. He has both delighted and tantalized with this uniquely blended tale of sci-fi, fantasy, and contemporary narrative styles. It leaves you wanting more.
    G. Wayne Jeffreys, author of Of Mud And Clay

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